Lately, I haven’t had dreams that stayed in my mind for awhile. Do you ever get those? Dreams that last for awhile and you try to think about it…what ifs and hows. I guess lately I’ve been too stressed I don’t remember much anymore even what I hold dear (my dreams lol) or my brainRead more »

Today, I spent the entire day on bed because of my sore legs. Huhu. I blame it on cramps! I probably had a nice dream though…but I forgot. On my mind I was cursing my legs because I can’t move properly and do what I had to do for the day, in result, I hadRead more »

Running a business is not easy – the preparation takes hours, the legal stuff (such as papers and the likes) and so on. It gets even more complicated when you decide to put your business online! There are tons of social media websites, the need for the actual website…and it goes on. It makes thingsRead more »

I forgot my dream awhile ago, so I feel kind of bad but it wasn’t that much to be memorable I guess. But today I wanted to tell you, that it’s another year for me in this Earth tomorrow! I’m turning 2x. I still wonder on some days if I truly belong in this planetRead more »

Sometimes in life, you’d like some things but they’ll never be yours – and while it sounds bad and sad, don’t be! At some point you’ll understand why it couldn’t be yours. For one, maybe God has greater plans of what could be yours. Maybe there’s just something better to come! So, try to cheerRead more »

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