Missing Posts?

Hi, currently website is under "restoration progress" due to lost database last October/November. I am manually re-posting and re-creating posts one by one because I was not able to back up :( Currently, and as of 12/15/15 I am at 5% of restoration. If you're looking for a post kindly let me know so maybe I can be of help. Many thanks for understanding!

Good news!!!

I might be able to restore some posts of the past! I’ll be working on restoring its database for now on a separate site then will get the xml I will be able to import. However, there will probably be some posts I’d have to re-delete and there will be duplicates. Meh. At least I [...]

Aaand again!

I failed again to update and also work on my missing posts even after new year. There were just so many festivities and I didn’t have a work space as all our stuffs were stacked unto each other. Oh well, it’s never too late to do things right! I think, but I don’t think I’m [...]

Guess who’s back!

Hey, I’m back to back post and re-post again~ I never got to work on it because I started playing Sims 3 instead. I know, I’m so lazyyy. I should really change for good for being lazy. But lately, I’ve been waking up early so, it’s slowly progressing..except, there are days I end up playing [...]

Lazy Me.

Sooo, it’s been about a month since this blog got “erased” in the face of the internet and yet I still haven’t made any progress in “restoring” it. Well, I guess I’m to blame – my bad sleeping schedule, my lazy brain and just me. But I hope to make up for it in the [...]

52 Week Money Challenge

I don’t think I can ever live or pursue a frugal life but I’m thinking I still can and I can do so by doing this 52 Week Money Challenge! This money challenge started circulating lately due to the fact that it’s a new year. It’s time to hit refresh with the financial system we have so we [...]

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