Gift for a bride

My friend personally requested I gave them cash as gift for their wedding – however, I’m having second thoughts.

I guess it could help them a lot, however, I find personalized robes here more promising. Now, what should I get?

Since I won’t be attending the bridal shower, I’m thinking of getting one..then again, it all depends on my wallet xD

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Southtree: Every Moment Counts

Nowadays, everyone has their own handy camera – on the phone or on a gadget, and some are ready with their fully equipped DLSRs.

Memories matter.

Memories matter.

This has been going on even before, since pictures is the safest way to preserve memories. True enough, today, there is never a special moment without some pictures. However, wouldn’t it be better if we can keep our pictures in a more elegant way?

Southtree has this goal of helping us to preserve our memories the right way, because they matter. We can now have them converted into gift cards or booklets – we can even store them at their ForeverFiles storage! It’s exactly what a photo lover needs.

And to top that, they’re giving this promotion code for you, which entitles you to 25% off with any purchase of their services. Code: blog25

So, what are you waiting for? Choose your best photos now to share them!

This post was created in partnership with Southtree. All opinions are my own. 

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Hello June!

Life has been pretty lazy with the blogging, but my new hobby is steadily growing (and also killing my wallet)

So, it’s now June! Actually June is almost over, honestly I don’t know what to blog here…since I don’t have a specific niche here or so.

Guess it will be just personal, until I come up with something. I already have a movie blog, anime blog, technology blog, personal blog, random blog uhm…what else?

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