You are my favorite song

Have you ever listened to a song that you just couldn’t ever forget? So beautiful, so amazing that you can listen to it all day long.

I always experience that! Especially when I can relate very much to the song. The video is just a plus when I watch but what makes more sense is the meaning of the song.

I could make a list of my favorite song, but each can play a part in my life. Each song represents an event or maybe a dream.

Well, you can be my favorite song! That’s how I would say.


On my way to feeling better!

Soooo, I’ve been off work for almost 2 weeks now. Thanks to the Holy Week break it wasn’t so much, due to my ‘chicken pox’ I was advised to stay home. Well, I worked at home for about three times but for the latter I had consecutive fever. It was on and off, and ┬áitch was everywhere or so.

I often wonder if I should be thankful because it also allowed me to take the rest I’ve been waiting for. But, there comes the office stuffs.

Well, at least I’m almost there. I missed the doctor yesterday though and I don’t think we’ll be going out today so I hope I get to catch her tomorrow.


Another year!

On 23rd, I bought this domain out of my love for blogging. I just renewed it today! I thought I wouldn’t be able to due to delay online paydays! Hazaaa. I still worry about my hosting fees though, seriously TT__TT

Anyway, looking back this was just a domain ‘for fun’ I’m amazed it’s still up and running. I just hope I get some time to make layouts for my websites. I haven’t done any in about 2 years now.