Missing Posts?

Hi, currently website is under "restoration progress" due to lost database last October/November. I am manually re-posting and re-creating posts one by one because I was not able to back up :( Currently, and as of 12/15/15 I am at 5% of restoration. If you're looking for a post kindly let me know so maybe I can be of help. Many thanks for understanding!

Dream Journal

Sooo, after much thinking I’m finally going to turn this into a dream journal. To keep track of my dreams, of course. I don’t know I just feel it is imperative as they might mean something or that’s probably just me over thinking on things, noh? I already posted my first dream. I keep on [...]

Time loop

Today, my dream about being lost in a time loop to solve the crime of my own death. Isn’t it weird? Initially, it was to find my kidnapped boyfriend. As the time loop repeated though, it was revealed that I was the one trying to get justice so I was the one causing the time [...]

Good news!!!

I might be able to restore some posts of the past! I’ll be working on restoring its database for now on a separate site then will get the xml I will be able to import. However, there will probably be some posts I’d have to re-delete and there will be duplicates. Meh. At least I [...]

Aaand again!

I failed again to update and also work on my missing posts even after new year. There were just so many festivities and I didn’t have a work space as all our stuffs were stacked unto each other. Oh well, it’s never too late to do things right! I think, but I don’t think I’m [...]

Guess who’s back!

Hey, I’m back to back post and re-post again~ I never got to work on it because I started playing Sims 3 instead. I know, I’m so lazyyy. I should really change for good for being lazy. But lately, I’ve been waking up early so, it’s slowly progressing..except, there are days I end up playing [...]

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