Normal and simple life

Remember when everything was simple?

I suddenly felt as if missing what used to be although I know that’s wrong. When I was younger, life was simple. I was already happy with a piece of candy. Gadgets weren’t around, cutesy stuff wasn’t my thing.

I look back and wonder, what if I go back to that?

Although I got to say I’d feel as if empty if you take a way the things I like right now.

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What to expect on my birthday…

Happy birthday to me! Oh yes, I turned another year older this coming Saturday. Quite honestly though, I’m not expecting much…but hoping (oh wait, that’s the same isn’t it?)

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

I think I’ll be lucky receiving cheap postcards though. I don’t really have that much of friends to celebrate with like I used to. My dad’s abroad so we can’t celebrate as whole family. And I kind of feel old now for the elders to give gifts too..

Oh well, this is reality I guess! Kind of makes me wish you turn younger at some point..not with the brains but in all.


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A collector’s problem

I remember about blogging a lot about people who collected coins. I thought it was a waste of time. Really. But then as I recently started collecting nendoroids (chibi anime figures created by Good Smile Company) I started to realise the life of a collector.

I’m not even even halfway.

Younger collectors than me have collected over a hundred. I guess they’re also pretty lucky they’ve got “resources”. They’re also armed with theirĀ DLSRs which is quite expensive. Makes me feel really poor at this moment.

The again, the satisfaction of collecting is not based on how many you’ve collected but how you got them and how you finally got them!

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