What can be more awesome than an anime with a good plot and good background songs! Well, that’s Gatchaman Crowds for you. I apologize, but yeah, I’m still stuck listening to their official soundtracks. They’re catchy, rock and just gives you the beat. It heavily reminds me of the 44 magnum a friend recommended, yeah,Read more »

In lieu of Pokémon Go’s very much late release, I decided to give Ingress a try. It’s created by Niantec Inc., as well and apparently, Pokémon Go’s Poke Stops and Poke Gyms are based on Ingress’ Portals. So, let’s take a dive in Ingress! Ingress is a game that uses Google Maps. In this game, there are selected portals that were submitted by early gamers ofRead more »

Guess who’s back in Thailand! I’m here for a short stay again, for a week. Although quite honestly it feels a lil more familiar than before so I don’t really take pictures much. In fact I probably only have a few, ever since I got here last Saturday. Weird isn’t it? When I came backRead more »

When I was younger, we used discmans to play our cds. I remember, this discman I had belonged to dad which he used for playing songs in our revo (vehicle). I was so happy because I could finally splurge on music, and listen to it whenever I wanted. At some point, I started playing itRead more »

These days, I feel like a sloth. I’ve been clinging on the dream world longer than usual and I’m not even sure what to do about it. I find it very wrong but…there’s just this feeling that tells me, to stay so much longer there. My dreams are generally weird, flying on magical bubble balls,Read more »

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