When I was younger, we used discmans to play our cds. I remember, this discman I had belonged to dad which he used for playing songs in our revo (vehicle). I was so happy because I could finally splurge on music, and listen to it whenever I wanted. At some point, I started playing itRead more »

These days, I feel like a sloth. I’ve been clinging on the dream world longer than usual and I’m not even sure what to do about it. I find it very wrong but…there’s just this feeling that tells me, to stay so much longer there. My dreams are generally weird, flying on magical bubble balls,Read more »

Sooo, after much thinking I’m finally going to turn this into a dream journal. To keep track of my dreams, of course. I don’t know I just feel it is imperative as they might mean something or that’s probably just me over thinking on things, noh? I already posted my first dream. I keep onRead more »

Today, my dream about being lost in a time loop to solve the crime of my own death. Isn’t it weird? Initially, it was to find my kidnapped boyfriend. As the time loop repeated though, it was revealed that I was the one trying to get justice so I was the one causing the timeRead more »

I might be able to restore some posts of the past! I’ll be working on restoring its database for now on a separate site then will get the xml I will be able to import. However, there will probably be some posts I’d have to re-delete and there will be duplicates. Meh. At least IRead more »

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